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Mortgage Application

The loan officer may require you to complete a new home loan mortgage application.

Credit Report

You may need to disclose your full legal name, address, date of birth, and social security number in order to pull a tri bureau credit report.

Pay Stubs

If you are employed, the loan officer may require recent pay stubs and W-2's.

Tax Returns

If you are self-employed, receive retirement or disability income; the loan officer may ask that you provide any corporate returns or 1099's.

Bank Statements

You may be required to provide documentation of bank statements or investment statements.


The loan officer may provide you with loan disclosures when you apply for a preapproval.

Additional Documentation

Depending on what your loan application shows, you may have to provide additional information.

Timeless Closing

Provided that you were able to obtain an approval you may have the opportunity to close within 25 days.

Preapproval Process

Watch our 120 second video on how you may get your loan pre approved.

Examples of PreApprovals

Pre Approve a New Home Purchase

Before you go shopping for a new home; it may be in your interest to request that a mortgage loan officer preapprove your loan, and not just prequalify it. A seller’s real estate agent as well as your buyer realtor agent understands that an offer with a preapproved loan is further along in the loan process than a prequalified loan, and may take the preapproved offer more seriously. Get preapproved today and get the keys to your future home.

Pre Approve a Home Rate & Term Refinance

Preparation is the key to getting preapproved for a lower rate & term refinance. You must have a thorough understanding of your current mortgage loan, and the current market trends. With proper research and understanding, you may present your application and any requested loan documents with confidence to increase your chances of being approved with the assistance of a refinance home loan officer.

Pre Approve a Home Debt Consolidation Refinance

The easiest way to get a lower household monthly overhead is through debt consolidation mortgage refinancing. Consolidating your debt through a mortgage refinance may lower your monthly expenses, and you may be able to pay off your entire mortgage much more quickly once you have secured some better payment terms. Put money back into your family saving and apply for Debt Consolidation refinance preapproval today and lower you monthly overhead.

What people say?

Vicki H.
Brilliant & Professional Service

I applied for a pre-approval through and received a follow-up call and email from the lender that they identified for me. I got a mortgage pre-approval by connecting with a lender who conducted a preliminary review to determine my loan qualifications based on their guidelines. They were very informative. I'm glad we choose services and would recommend to anyone refinancing a home.

Lindsay R.
A Five-Minute Call Led to My Pre-Approval

Before spending countless hour in front my computer on a Sunday afternoon sifting through hundreds of lenders in the area I decided to visit I called their toll free number and was immediately connected with a lender regarding my financial situation. They reviewed all of my faxed documents while over the phone and insured me that they would work diligently on my reverse mortgage approval. Within 25 days my loan papers were finalized and I’ve never had a mortgage payment since. I believe you can trust and I highly recommend using their support line.

One Hour Webinar

Consumers are becoming more and more educated on the mortgage loan process and understand that in order to receive the best quality service you must learn the mortgage industry inside and out. Sign up for our free one hour presentation webinar on how to educate yourself through the homeowner process. Book your seat while they still last.